Our Philosophy

Welcome to the Best Boat CompanyDolphin-Boats-Kelly-Tony

We are a small group of avid fishermen and boating fanatics delighting in capacity to become the best boat company.

For over 56 years, our focus has not been on making a lot of boats, but it’s been on making the very best flats and shallow water fishing boats.

Our Mission: Superior construction, exceptional performance, and enduring quality. We are not for everyone. We build boats by hand, one at a time.

Our customers belong to an elite group of individuals who don’t compromise on quality or character. They demand the very best from the boat manufacturer. They inspire us to create world-class shallow water performance.

Your dreams are important to us. Your challenges inspire us. Your insights delight us. Partner with Dolphin and you’ll own a boat that has been designed and built to ensure a lifetime of memorable experiences, for you, your family, and your friends.

Come fish with us.

The Dolphin Boats Family
 Tony Perez & Kelly Fullerton

For more information, contact:

Tony Perez
(305) 257-2628
24601 Packing House Rd.
Princeton, FL 33032

Have you been searching for the best boat company? Dolphin Boats is here to make your fishing dreams a reality. Contact us today and your fishing experience will never be the same.