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Headline: Dolphin Boats Announces New Ownership

Renowned Flats Boat Building Company and Nationally Recognized Yamaha Dealer Unite

The new owners of Dolphin Boats, the legendary flats boat builders, are now lead by the seasoned marine industry management team of Eric’s Outboard and Eric’s Contender Boats Sales.This is great news for the ever-popular fly fishing and flats fishing community that are die hard loyal Dolphin Boats fans.  Located on Packing House Road in Princeton Florida, the team is continuing to build the finest custom flats and shallow water fishing boats they’ve been building for over 56 years.

Tony Perez and Kelly Fullerton have taken over as the leadership team with a continued emphasis on maintaining the reputation these boats have exhibited for so many years. According to Fullerton, “our customers belong to an elite group of individuals who don’t compromise on quality or character. They demand the very best from a boat manufacturer. They inspire us to create world-class shallow water boats”.   

Award winning fly fisherman and Dolphin boat owner Ron Cook, says “all the who’s who of the back country flat fishing have a Dolphin Super Skiff, it’s the most versatile and best built boat for this type of fishing. I’ve had mine for over 20 years and I wouldn’t part with it for any amount of money.”

Perez and Fullerton are carrying forth the making of these legendary flats and ultra-shallow water boats for the fishing community for generations to come.

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