Choosing A Guide For Your First Shallow Water Fishing Expedition

Posted  by on Aug 29, 2016  in Shallow Water Skiffs

catching-bait-shallow-water-skiffsSo you’ve decided to explore the world of shallow water fishing! Welcome to a truly challenging, enjoyable and technical angling experience.  But before you head out to the Florida flats or any other well-known flats fishing spot,   our specialists at Dolphin Boats suggest that you invest in a few guided trips.  Here’s how to do it:

  • Experience: As with any angling expedition, experience is key.  Nature is tricky at the best of times and no one can guarantee a perfect day of fishing, but an experienced guide will know every single thing to do to maximize your chances of memorable angling.
  • Tips and tricks: When you’re new to a sport, having inside information will help get you up to speed as quickly as possible.  Tips on seasonal fishing, local hot spots, which lures to use and how to fish in different conditions will all contribute to your enjoyment of the sport as a whole.
  • Get geared up: Angling stores have such a huge range of rods, reels, lines, lures and other fishing equipment that you can easily overspend on stuff you simply don’t need.  Talk to your guide well before your expedition about what equipment is essential so that you can narrow down your choices to the best quality items.
  • Inshore and offshore: Fishing guides often specialize in inshore and offshore expeditions.  Inshore guides focus on fishing grass flats in shallow water skiffs for trout, redfish and snook, while offshore guides focus on deep water fishing.  For your first shallow water fishing expedition, choose an inshore guide who has the boat, knowledge and equipment to handle this very unique angling experience.

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