skiff-on-larger-boatMaintenance is key to preventing costly repair jobs and keeping your flats boat running smoother for longer.  Read these great tips from shallow water skiff specialists at Dolphin Boats:

Daily Maintenance For Your Flats Boat 

  1. Rinse with fresh water: It is important to rinse your boat well with clean, fresh water after use, especially if you are running your boat in salt water.
  2. Prevent build-up on the hull: When a boat stands in water, it starts to collect algae and barnacles.  Using a proactive anti-fouling paint or removing your boat from the water every few days will prevent this build-up.
  3. Check your coolant: Make sure that coolant levels are optimal and that the system is running correctly.

Weekly Maintenance For Your Flats Boat 

  1. Check for corrosion: Exposure to moisture as well as salt can lead to rust, so it’s important to run regular checks on your fuel tanks, fuel lines and clamps.
  2. Check for small repair jobs: Tiny scratches and cracks as well as loose rivets and fixings can quickly lead to big problems for your boat.  Keeping a look out for small problems and dealing with them as soon as they come to your attention will keep most repairs quick and minimal.
  3. Clean fittings: Use the right metal cleaning products to clean corrosion and build-up from your chrome, steel and aluminum fittings.
  4. Check your bilge pump: Clean out any debris and ensure that you have enough battery power on hand to operate your bilge pump properly over a lengthy period of time.

Additional Maintenance Tips For Shallow Water Boats 

  1. Spring cleaning: Once a year, get your boat out of the water for a full service cleaning.  Remove fishing tackle and deep clean all surfaces from top to bottom.
  2. Check your electrics: Electrical systems are vulnerable to rust, so check them thoroughly for corrosion and ensure that they are fully operational.  Ensure that their housing keeps them dry and protected.
  3.  Buy a boat cover: If you only fish periodically or need to store your boat on land, investing in a quality boat cover will help protect it from water, debris, animals and corrosion.
Dolphin Shallow Water Skiffs: Crafted To Last A Lifetime 

Dolphin Boats is devoted to the customized crafting of flat bottom boats.  Building each boat by hand, we aim to create enduring quality and character through superior craftsmanship.  For more information on flats fishing or our wide range of specialized Dolphin flats boats and shallow water skiffs for sale (available to local and international clients) please don’t hesitate to contact us today.