vacation-spotRedfish are a sought-after game fish and with good reason. They live in a challenging environment along shell bars and grassy shorelines, grow to impressive sizes and are known for their strength. Here are some tips from the flats boats specialists at Dolphin Boats on making your fishing expedition a successful one:

  1. High tide is best: Redfish like shallow, often rocky shore areas as they feed off the smaller predators, crabs and shrimp that access these spots. Due to their bigger size however, they have limited access at low tide and prefer to follow other predators in when there is deeper water. It’s best to stick to the shallowest waters your boat can handle, as it becomes difficult to see the fish in deeper waters.
  2. Inlets are best for targeting big fish: In late summer and early fall you’re likely to see the biggest redfish, especially in inlets and near drop offs. You’ll definitely need heavier gear and cut crab as bait.
  3. Polling is key: Going into stealth mode is the best way to ensure that fish aren’t disturbed, so keep the sun on your back, speak in low tones and pole gently into your fishing spot without splashing or causing boat wake.
  4. Try spinnerbaits: Bright, oversized lures are ideal for catching the eye of a redfish. Some of the best ‘loud’ lures include gold, white and chartreuse models with gold or silver willowleaf blades. You can also add sweeteners, like scented soft plastics or natural bait like whole minnows or shrimp.
  5. Wading: If the fish are spooking, try wading out into the shallows. This makes it easier to find the hard, rocky bottoms that fredfish prefer.
  6. Save time: Having side-scan sonar is a great way to save time when looking for redfish. Not only will it pick up the fish themselves, it also spots the bait, oyster bars, channels and rocky outcrops that attract them.

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