A Beginners Guide To Fly-Fishing

Posted  by on Feb 15, 2016  in Blog

great-fishing-on-flats-boatsFly-fishing is a rewarding sport that challenges every angler whether you’re a beginner or highly experienced. Here’s a guide to this exciting sport from the flats boats specialists at Dolphin Boats.

What Is Fly-Fishing? 

This shallow water sport is known as fly-fishing because anglers use artificial bait, known as a ‘fly’, rather than shrimp, baitfish or any other type of edible bait. These flies are delicate and almost weightless. Crafted by experts using feathers, beads, yarn, twines and hooks to create an imitation of different live baits and insects, they are the perfect bait for this type of catch. These flies sit on the surface of the water or just below to attract the eye of hungry fish.

Fly-Fishing Equipment 

Due to the lightness of the fly, anglers need very specific fishing equipment, including a fly rod, a correctly weighted fly line, leaders, tippet and a selection of flies specific to the fish that you target. In addition to fishing off a flats boat, anglers often stand in the water itself, wearing either hip height or chest level waders.

How To Cast 

Fly-fishing lacks a weighted lure, so anglers have to learn techniques to cast the line rather than the fly itself. Fly rods are designed to give the caster flexibility and directional control. Here is a basic casting technique:

  • Hold the rod firmly with your casting hand and place your thumb on the top of the grip. Keep the rod butt in line against your forearm to keep it straight.
  • Holding the rod in front of you, cast backwards at about a 45-degree angle. You can also move it overhead or perpendicular to your body, if that is more comfortable.
  • As you cast, thread a couple of feet of line off your reel and feed it out as you repeat the casting movement. Start small and slowly build up to about 30 feet of line.
  • When you reach your target length, cast forward in a straight line, letting the line fall into the water.

Remember, fly-fishing is all about timing and practice, so go over your cast again and again until you perfect it.

Fish Species For Fly-Fishing 

Common species for fly-fishing includes both salt and fresh water fish, namely salmon, trout, bass, greyling, pike, redfish, snook, tarpon, bonefish and striped bass.

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