superskiff-tillerBuying a flats boat or shallow water skiff is a great investment, if you get it from the right boat building company. Here’s what Dolphin Boats has to offer you.

  • Passion. Our passion for boat building is equal only to our love of flats fishing, giving us unique insight into how to design and create the best possible product. Each of our boats is designed and built by hand, creating a craft which has been developed with expertise and consideration, to your exact specifications.
  • Quality and character. Boat building is about more than how many boats you craft a year, it’s about building the best possible flats fishing boats. With our focus on superior craftsmanship, we create boats that deliver world-class shallow water performance and a lifetime of memories.
  • Wood-free construction. This is the key to ensuring our boats last a lifetime, free of rot and excess weight. We have used high-tech composites for over 20 years, and the strength, durability and resale value of our boats has stood the test of time.
  • Dynamic hull design. Our boats have quiet, dry-riding hulls ideal for stealthily perusing elusive trophy fish, whether you want a smaller skiff or a large boat for guided tours.
  • High performance engines. Include the best, precision matched outboards to your design or hang your existing engine, either way. We’ll ensure you get the ideal level of performance from your boat.
  • Input. We value the insights and suggestions we receive from guides and private clients and work with you to create a customized solution which exactly meets your needs and provides the best fishing experience.

Invest In A Lifetime Of Flats Fishing Expertise with Dolphin Boats  

At Dolphin Boats, we’re as passionate about fishing as we are about our expertly crafted flat bottom boats and skiffs. Designed with over 54 years of experience behind them, our hand-crafted shallow water boats will deliver a lifetime of memories, while you’re enjoying the flats and backcountry.   For more information on flats fishing or our range of specialized Dolphin flats boats and skiffs for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.