A Flats Fisherman’s Guide To Christmas Break

Posted  by on Nov 2, 2015  in Flat Boats

If your idea of the perfect Christmas holiday is scanning the shallows for fins and shadows before engaging in the age-old game of the hunt, then this guide is for you. Here, we explore some of the best destinations around the world for festive flats fishing.

  • Andros, Bahamas. Andros, in the Bahamas, is the most sought-after destination for fishermen looking for bonefish over the December period. The ‘cooler’ months bring the biggest bonefish onto the flats, where they move about in small groups or solo, away from other groups of smaller fish.
  • Belize. With great fishing throughout the year, December is an especially good month for barracuda, bonefish, tarpon, Jacks and ladyfish on the flats. If you head out during a full moon, you’ll likely have great luck with grouper and snapper.
  • La Paz and Las Arenas, Mexico. December brings cooler weather, bringing sea bass, bonito, snapper, skipjack, sierra, bonito, skipjack, Jack Crevalle and other fish inshore for some impressive fishing.
  • Ohahu, Hawaii. If you want to take your break a little later, Ohahu, Hawaii is the perfect place to do so. With record-breaking trophy roundjaw bonefish (Albula glossodonta) regularly clocking in at over 10 pounds, favorable tides and light winds, this is a great time to experience the beauty of island fishing.
  • St. Augustine, Florida. A clear day on the flats will bring out a wealth of redfish as the shallow water warms up. Fly fishermen will enjoy some of the clearest water in the world as well as a break from the Florida heat.

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