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From Flat Water Boats For Sale To Fishing Gear, Here Are Some Great Tips For Buying Your Equipment

Posted  by on Sep 21, 2015  in Blog, Flat Boats

fishing-gearWhether you’re new to shallow water fishing or to the entire sport of fishing, there is plenty of great advice out there to help you get started and enjoy this exciting sporting experience. Here are some useful tips from the craftspeople and fishing enthusiasts at Dolphin Boats:

Choose A Local Tackle Shop 

Visiting a tackle shop near the waters you want to fish isn’t just a great way of supporting the local economy, it’s a way of tapping into a wealth of local knowledge, tips and tricks that are essential to your success. You’ll find out about the kind of rod, reel and bait you need, where the best spots for which species are, if a particular species is having a great run and get plenty of tips for your technique. If you are new to fishing, the assistants at the tackle shop can also help assemble your rod and attach your reel for you.

Know The Weather 

Even the balmiest of Florida days can turn into bad weather, especially when you’re out on the sea in a flat bottomed boat. These boats are limited in their ability to handle rough weather due to their purpose-designed hull, so it’s important to get back to land well before bad weather shows up. Always check the day’s forecast on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website and keep tuned in to updates throughout the day.

Get Your Starter Kit 

For your first fishing expedition, remember to pack the following gear as a basic starter kit:

  • Your rod and reel
  • Spare reel and line
  • Quality hooks in a variety of sizes
  • Bait (the preferred bait for the fish you are after)
  • Sinkers, ball-bearing swivels and snaps if needed
  • Polarized sunglasses and hat
  • Fishing vest or tackle box
  • High-quality U.S. Coastguard approved life vest
  • High SPF sunblock
  • Plenty of water
  • Snacks
  • Lightweight weatherproof jacket

Hand-Crafted Shallow Water Boats From Dolphin Boats

If you are looking for a high-quality new or used flats boat, backcountry boat or skiff in which to enjoy your Florida fishing experience, the name to look for is Dolphin Boats. These custom-designed flats boats are crafted individually by hand to meet the highest standards of workmanship. With over 54 years of industry expertise and a dedication to producing the finest shallow water boats on the market, our boats are second to none. For more information about our flats, shallow water and backcountry boats, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.