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dolphin-boat-on-the-waterIf you are the proud owner of, or in the market for flats boats, knowing the ideal fishing spots which will best serve your boat are a must. An alternative name for a flats boat is a shallow water skiff, suggesting that this is the ideal setting for this particular boat. Shallows include bays, mangroves and some skiffs even have the ability to run in just two feet of water. Therefore, knowing which flats boat suits which type of water is ideal. Read on to see which Dolphin flats boat fits into the various parts of the flats fishing map.

15’ Mangrove Canoe 

This is one of the more simplistic models which we produce. This boat is designed to take you back to basics, with its sleek appearance coming in at fifteen feet. With a name suggesting you will be able to find your way through the mangrove swamps of Florida, you may finally be able to catch the elusive Florida Mangrove Snapper with this vessel.

20’ Bay Boat 

This is our largest offering, coming in at twenty feet. This particular boat is one of the more versatile vessels, as you can perform long distance runs while still being able to fish in the flats.

18’ Back Country Pro  

This boat has been proudly named ‘The Pride of the Keys.’  It is one of the most praised boats within the Dolphin family mainly due to its unfaltering design. Being able to run in twenty feet of water, whilst still being able to be polled through a mere ten inches, it is clear to see why this boat is an all round favorite.

We at Dolphin Boats pride ourselves on the fact that we are always focused on bringing you quality over quantity. With more than half a decade of experience, you can rest assured that your boat will be crafted by skilled hands. Our boats have been put to the test throughout the years by Lodges from the Florida Keys, all the way through to the African Seychelles. Contact us today for more information on all of our vessels we have to offer you.