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How To Fish A Grass Flat From Your Shallow Water Skiff

Posted  by on Apr 20, 2015  in Blog

dolphin-kevlarIf you have been looking for a new way to truly enjoy the outdoors, then shallow water skiffs are ideal for you. Flats boats are designed specifically to coast along shallow waters and flats, where fish come in to spawn and keep safe from predators. This makes for exciting fishing, although there are some basic rules you need to follow if you choose to enjoy flats fishing.

Ensuring you don’t damage the fragile flats

Unfortunately, the flats are highly sensitive areas that require care from all anglers to remain habitable by fish. This is the particular reason for the design of our flats boats and shallow water skiffs, to let you fish in these beautiful areas without damaging them.

The following are some simple actions that can cause unexpected damage to flats:

  • Churning the engine in very shallow water
  • Damaging or breaking fish habitats by stepping out or poling incorrectly from your boat
  • Going too fast and dirtying or mixing up the water behind the boat
  • Scaring fish away from habitats with loud noises or pollution

Expertise and experience with Dolphin Boats

One of the greatest advantages of dealing with us is that we not only offer high quality products and services, but also invaluable knowledge and experience. For more information regarding our fantastic range of personalized flats boats and shallow water boats for sale, contact Dolphin Boats today.