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Safety Tips For Taking Your Shallow Water Fishing Boat Out

Posted  by Dolphin Boats on Mar 23, 2015  in Blog, Flat Boats | 

15-MangroveIf the number of flats boats that get sold every year is an indication of shallow water fishing, then you know this type of fishing has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Fishing in shallow water takes a bit of skill and some in-depth knowledge about how to run a skiff without causing any damage to your boat.

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when you do shallow water fishing:

  • Don’t drive your boat over the flats. The mud and the seaweed which will get churned up can damage your boat and lead to costly repairs. You could risk breaking your flat boat’s propellers and it could also damage the environment.
  • Make sure you know the coastal marine rules in your area. In the Florida Keys, for example, the flats are a no-motor area (this has been enforced in order to protect the grass flats).
  • Do research beforehand so you know how shallow the water is.
  • Ask an experienced fisher or a guide to come with you if you are new to the shallow water area. Fishing in unknown water can be dangerous and a guide can show you where the extreme limits of the flats are.
  • If you suspect the water is very shallow between point A and B, turn off your engine and use a pole to get over the shallow area (or drive around the shallow flats).
  • Speak to the people who sold you your flats boat. There are many different configurations to boats and many people don’t know how shallow their boats will really run. 

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