Starting a Fishing Guide Company? Here’s What You Need to Know About Shallow Water Boats

Posted  by Dolphin Boats on Dec 15, 2014

dolphin-helmSome may argue that a fishing guide is a lifestyle job, but it can be a very lucrative business if done correctly. If you intend to make use of shallow water fishing boats for your fishing guide company, you will need to have a thorough knowledge of what boats make the most sense for price and durability long term. Below are a few reasons why shallow water boats are a popular choice for fishing guides:

  • Tunnel hull design allows for extremely shallow water running.
  • Those with dual shaped bow are ideal for maintaining a flat stern while navigating rough waters.
  • Dry ride hulls allow for extra lift and an extremely dry ride.
  • The typical wood-free construction insures low maintenance and longevity of the unit. If properly cared for, your flats boat can last a lifetime.
  • Integrated rod and reel holders and marine resistant gauges will not let you down.
  • High volume bait wells are incorporated along with maximized storage capacity to insure your task as a fishing guide is convenient and comfortable.

Flats boats for Sale at Dolphins Boats and Why You Should Invest in Them

At Dolphin Boats we believe every angler is unique and as such, we custom design flat boats according to our customers specifications. Each boat is hand crafted and done one at a time, without skimping on attention to detail and with expert input from our team. A few things that set our shallow water fishing boats apart from others:

  • Your personal style will shine through the entire design of the boat from bow to stern.
  • Only the finest raw materials are used during the building stage to insure quality and durability.
  • We only make use of recessed stainless steel hardware.
  • Each boat offers quiet dry-riding custom hull designs for stealth hunting.

Our 54 years of experience in building quality custom flats boats puts us in the perfect position to professionally advise our customers on the various shallow water fishing boats for their needs. Contact us for more information on our range of flats boats today.