Summer vs. Winter Fishing with Flats Boats

Posted  by Dolphin Boats on Nov 24, 2014

buying-shallow-water-boatWhile fishing is a sport and leisure time activity to be enjoyed in both summer and winter, there are pros and cons to both seasons and the flats boats you have access to, will also affect the type of fishing experience you have. We have some tips and advice for both seasons for you to consider.

In winter you can expect cold fronts and winds to be unpredictable and to potentially wreak havoc with your fishing schedule, so make sure you cater for a few extra days on your trip just in case you get caught by these. With the right shallow water boat and angling gear you should be able to make a good catch if you plan the time of your fishing trip just right in summer and winter.

In summer the flats are typically a bit quieter, but this doesn’t mean you won’t make a great catch. The trick is to get out on the water as early in the morning as possible and expect not to fish much past noon. You should still have a great time out on the water.

Custom Designed Shallow Water Boats for Every Season

At Dolphin Boats we custom design shallow water boats that are ideal for summer and winter fishing, in fact you can enjoy your flats boat all year round. What’s more is that with our assistance you can create a boat according to your specifications. We can create a flats boat for you where you decide on the length, hull design, power capabilities, style and various features.

With your custom designed shallow water boat you can go out on the water for an afternoon of serious angling, or just spend some quality time with the family. The choice and enjoyment is yours.

We welcome all anglers to take a look at our range of flats boats and to contact us to discuss the various features and rates available.