Your Guide to Piloting a Flats Boat in Shallow Water

Posted  by Dolphin Boats on Oct 27, 2014

fishing-at-duskPiloting a flats boat correctly in shallow water will help you avoid damaging the boat and the environment. Damage to your boat can be costly and unfortunately environmental damage can take years to repair naturally. Below are a few tips to guide you through correct flats boat and shallow water skiff piloting:

  • Know the area you are entering. It is always advisable to use an experienced guide when entering new flats so that you can learn the extreme limits of those particular flats.
  • Be cautious when polling across shallow grass flats unknown to you. Running across these areas can cause environmental damage by churning up the bottom and ripping out grass.
  • If you don’t know just how shallow you can run your flats boat, be very cautious. Go slow and fell around. Do not charge into new flats without knowing the limitations of your boat.

Why Dolphin Boats’ Flat Boats are a Wise Investment

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