A Guide to Shallow Water Fishing in the Dolphin Super Skiff

Posted by Dolphin Boats on Aug 4, 2014

shallow-water-canoeThe super skiffs from Dolphin Boats are ideal for anyone who is serious about shallow water fishing or mangrove fishing.  Our team is comprised of avid fisherman and boating fanatics, so we know the importance of having the right boat makes all the difference.  When flats fishing and shallow water fishing, you need a boat that won’t scrape the bottom and can withstand years of salt water without corrosion. You also need a boat that has a quiet dry-riding hull design so you don’t announce your arrival to the area’s most prized prey.

High Quality, Custom Boats are Key to your Success

At Dolphin Boats we build customized super skiffs, bay boats, boats for mangrove fishing and much more.  All of our boats are built to last and are 100% wood free, delivering superior strength and durability.  You choose everything from the power, to the hull design, to the numerous aesthetics, and our team will bring your dreamboat to life.

For more information about custom shallow water fishing boats available from Dolphin Boats or, if you would like to know more about shallow water fishing, please do not hesitate to contact us today.  Discover why so many fishing enthusiasts choose the high quality Dolphin super skiff for shallow water fishing and mangrove fishing.  We look forward to hearing from you