Why the Professionals Choose Custom Designed Dolphin Boats Above All Others

Posted by Dolphin Boats on Jul 21, 2014


When it comes to choosing flats boats, why is it that the professionals insist on owning custom designed boats instead of generically manufactured ones?  Well, let us dissect the answer now by taking a look at some of the comparisons between the two.

  • First, a handcrafted vessel generally has a lot more time and labor put in to it than a commercially mass produced boat.  Therefore you know that your boat has been built with quality, rather than quantity, in mind.
  • Custom made boats tend to have a longer life expectancy than your regular mass-produced vessel as no details are overlooked when production is done by hand.
  • Finally, we all have different needs and wants.  For this reason, we build boats to your requirements and specs.  This not only takes your needs into account but also caters to your fishing style.

Where to find the Best Designers in the Business

This is a rather simple question to answer if you’re looking for quality and craftsmanship.  Dolphin Boats has been making boats for domestic and international clients for over 50 years.  We are committed to each and every vessel that carries our name and stand by our product 110%.

We pride ourselves on the vessels that we produce and we guarantee it.  Our quality is unmatched and we aim to please.  Take a look at the styles of boats that we produce clients all over the globe.  Please contact us today to inquire about building the boat of your dreams with Dolphin.