The Dolphin Advantage

The Dolphin Advantage

Beautifully Crafted for Life

Wood-Free Construction
Maximized Storage Capacity
Recessed Stainless Steel Hardware
Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber
Lightweight Composite Transom & Stringers
Engineered Quiet/Dry Ride Hull
Marine Resistant Gauges
Integrated Rod and Reel Holders
High Volume Bait Wells

Dolphin Boat - WoodKnowledgeable buyers know that many manufacturers today claim “wood free” construction, but may actually use wood in strategic areas beneath the gelcoat, making the boat vulnerable to rot and added weight. Dolphin has been using 100% high-tech composites instead of wood for over 20 years, delivering tremendous strength, durability, and great resale value.

Dolphin Boat - PowerDolphin will help you achieve the level of performance that you desire by specifying from the best of precision matched outboards to your hull design, or we will hang your existing engine.

Dolphin Boat - DynamicTo catch trophy fish, you need a stealth ride that doesn’t announce your arrival. Our quiet dry-riding hull designs have been tested and proven over the years by guides and lodges that work these boats 24/7.

Dolphin Boat - PurposeWe listen intently to our customers and guides. As valued partners we build their critical insights into every boat to provide you with a customized solution that delivers your optimum boating and fishing experience.

Dolphin Boat - CraftBuilding boats the old fashioned way—one boat at a time—means every Dolphin boat is truly handcrafted by our veteran team of gifted experts, many of whom have been a part of the Dolphin team for 27 years. Their valued expertise creates a limited number of boats each year for an exclusive family of Dolphin owners who appreciate the finer things in life.