Building the finest custom flats & shallow water fishing boats for over 56 years.

16′ Super Skiff Pro – The Flats Fishing Legend

The 16' Super Skiff Pro is the most widely used and respecte...

18′ Backcountry Pro – The Pride Of The Keys

The 18' Backcountry Pro known affectionately in the Florida ...

16′ Renegade Pro – The Skinny Water Master

The 16? Renegade Pro is an ultra shallow water skiff designe...

The Best Flats Boats

Dolphin Boats has been making the best flats boats and shallow water fishing boats for over fifty years. Our team is a small group of avid fisherman and boating fanatics who create each and every one of our vessels one at a time.

What sets our boats apart from the competition is superior construction, enduring quality and exceptional performance. We're not about mass producing flat and shallow water boats, we focus on making a few magnificently handcrafted models than a bunch of average ones.

When you partner with Dolphin Boats, you will be hiring a team that wants to make your vision a reality. Own a boat that will not only last the test of time, but one that is designed with your goals and dreams in mind. Find out more about the advantage of owning one of our boats.

Range Of Boats

We offer the 16′ Backbone, 16′ Lodge Series and more.

About Dolphin Boats

Partner with Dolphin and you’ll own a boat that has been designed and built to ensure a lifetime of memorable experiences. Learn more here.

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